As per the Canadian Sheep Breeders’ Association (CSBA) Constitution, section 16(6), in the event of a lost tag, the tag must be replaced within 21 days with a duplicate tag bearing the same national ID number as the lost tag. A copy of the CSBA’s Constitution can be found on their website

Currently the only tags that are approved as a paired set of tags are the Allflex button/dangle tag combination and the Shearwell SET tag.

The provision for issuing replacement tags is being offered to registered purebred animals only at this time.

ISO standard 11784 defines space on the RFID microchip as a ‘retag’ counter in order to identify how many times this official tag number has been replaced. When a manufacturer is asked to reproduce a lost tag’s number, the ‘retag’ counter needs to be incremented to show how many replacements have been issued for this ID. Producers are asked to indicate on the order form not only the number to be replaced but also the number of times this ID tag has been replaced.

Producers who require a replacement tag need to send a Replacement Tag Request Form to the CSBA office online, by fax, email, or mail. The CSBA then transfers this request directly to Allflex or Shearwell in an electronic file.

CSBA will also be responsible for submitting payment to Allflex or Shearwell and collecting payment from the producer for the replacement tag. In all cases of retagging, the customer (producer) will be responsible for paying the freight, and replacement tag prices will reflect the cost of producing single numbered tag and will be produced at a premium over initial “farm of origin” tags.

Check off will not be applied to replacement tags.

Replacement tags will be shipped directly from the manufacturer to the producer. Producers should be aware that replacement tags come from a different source than “farm of origin” tags and as such, the manufacturer will require a 10 day lead time in order to produce these tags. 

​  ​ Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association

      La Société Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons

Printable Version available here - you can then fax the form to (877) 207-2541 or email to

Additional Tag Requests Form

If you selected additional tag requests - Fill out the following form and press submit once completed.

Replacement Tags For Purebred Registrations

online Replacement tag order form

Online Form - This form will be submitted directly to CSBA 

This forms allows for up to 2 tag requests. If you require more tags, please continue filling out the second form for additional tags. If you prefer to print and fax/email your form, please select the "printable version" link above.

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