​  ​ Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association

      La Société Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons


Canadian Livestock Records Corp.Glen P, Trenholm N
CLGA / MAS / CFIAColleen A
Sheep Value Chain Roundtable (Agriculture and Agri Food Canada)Colleen A (Market Access), Ted S (Meat Quality), Johanne C, Lorea T (Health and Research), Bruce S

CSF related working groups (CSIP, Staff advisory committee).

CSF Sustainability Committee

Linda B

​Ted S, Kim M


Executive and FinanceBruce S, Colleen A, Johanne C, David M
Spot ParentageKim M, Sarah L
Health / Scrapie Canada / Eradication Working GroupJohanne C, Glen P, Ted S
ConstitutionJocelyne M, Colleen A, David M
Promotion / Education / Information Kim M, Trenholm N, Johanne C, Sarah L, Lorea T
Newsletter, Website and FacebookJohanne C, Jonathan Parkinson
Breed Standards / International Association RecognitionBruce S, Jocelyne M, Lorea T, Johanne C

Genetics / Research Priorities

GenOvis sub advisory committee

David M, Johanne C, Glen P

Johanne C, Glen P, Jocelyne M, Lorea T, Colleen A, David M, Ted S, Sarah L

Classic and Model / TemplateBruce S (2018), Glen P (2017), David M (2016),Sarah L (2015),  ​Kim M (2019)

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