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There were 28 sheep shown by 14 exhibitors at this Showcase. Congratulations to everyone!

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41st Annual 4-H Quebec Provincial Rally 2016

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The 2016 Nova Scotia 4H show was held from September 30th to October 2nd in Truro and once again had 100 plus members and lambs at our show.

This years judge was Gerald Hunter of Smith Falls Ontario, a breeder of Suffolk and Border Leicester sheep.

2016 Saskatchewan junior ag showcase sheep show

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2016 British Columbia Pacific National Exhibition 4-H sponsorship winner, Elizabeth Brown with the Dorset ewe she purchased.

2016 British columbia national exhibition 4-h sponsorship winner

CSBA sponsored Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Junior Sheep Show 2016

Market Lambs                               
1- Victoria Brydon, Kings Co        
2- Julie Morash, Hants Co            
3- Mackenzie West, Kings Co       
4- Sophie Brydon, Kings Co           
5- Mahala Brydon, Kings Co         

Sheep clipping competition
1- Luke Ettinger & Caitlyn Spence, Hants Co
2- Elizabeth Heighton & Sidney Ballie, Pictou Co
3- Ciara Congdon & Sarah Kittilsen, Colchester Co
4- Victoria Brydon & Mahala Brydon, Kings Co
5- Amber Haslam & Murray Clements Lunenburg Co

2016 ontario 4-H show

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2016 Alberta 4-H Sheep Show

 Junior sheep showmanship                          
1- Karlee Saulnier , Kings Co - Champ              
2- Christina Rudolph, Hants Co                        
3- Sarah Kittilson, Colchester Co                       
4- Becky Foster, Annapolis Co                           
5- Natalyah Allan, Pictou Co                     

 Senior sheep showmanship
1-Emma Rand, Kings Co -Res Champ        
2- Kia Sawler, Hants Co
3-Andrea Hamilton, Colchester Co

4- Eryn Archibald, Guysborough Co
5-Riley Stewart, Antigonish Co

Junior sheep judging                                       
1- Becky Foster, Annapolis Co -Champ           
2- Hayley Murray, Pictou Co                              
3- Katherine Atkinson Cumberland Co           
4- Olivia Ryerson Yarmouth Co                        
5- Simon Raymond, Lunenburg Co            

Senior sheep judging
1- Melanie Ross, Hants Co -Res Champ
2- Elizabeth Heighton, Pictou Co
3- Kristen Foster, Annapolis Co
4- Eryn Archibald, Guysborough Co
5- Murray Clements, Lunenburg

Suffolk ewe lambs                                               
1- Hannah Murphy, Colchester Co            
2- Bryce Keddy, Lunenburg Co                          
3- Thomas Clarke, Kings Co                                
4- Ella Mac Curdy, Colchester Co                       
5- Faith Jollymore, Lunenburg Co


Ben Fox, Dauphin Ag Society 4-H Sheep Show organizer commented, "Thanks so much for the support, it's really been a great help, and we are truly getting entire families interested in sheep production.  
The second photo of the two juniors exemplifies this.  The young lady and her family have grown a flock of purebred dorsets out of just two short years of interacting with showing lambs.  The young man and his family have started to raise a commercial flock of ewes.  

It truly is exciting to see these kids and their family's enthusiasm for sheep!” 

2016 New Brunswick 4-H show

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2016 Manitoba 4-H show

North Country Cheviot ewe lambs
1- Erica Sullivan, Hants Co
2- Victoria Bryden, Kings CO
3- Genna Miner, Kings Co
4- Maria Duynisveld, Cumberland Co
5- Eryn Archibald, Guysborough Co 

Dorset ewe lambs                                              
1- Emma Rand, Kings Co                                      
2- Tamara Snook, Cumberland Co                       
3- Breanna Tree, Kings Co                                    
4- Leal Falkenham, Colchester Co                       
5- Abigale Falkenham, Colchester Co                  

Other purebred ewe lambs
1- Sidney Ballie, Pictou Co- Champ
2- James Valis, Colchester Co
3- Karlee Saulnier, Kings Co
4- Kia Sawlor, Hants Co
5- Andrea Hamilton Colchester Co

Crossbred ewe lambs                                            
1- Melanie Ross, Hants Co -R C                              
2- Jackie Johnstone, Kings Co                                
3- Simon Raymond, Lunenburg Co                      
4- Jenna Turner, Lunenburg Co                             
5- Brianna Partridge, Hants Co                             

Ram lambs
1- Hunter Pemberton, Hants Co
2- Johannah McIntyre, Hants Co
3- Ciara Congdon, Colchester Co
4- Tyler Rafuse, Kings Co
5- Cameron Patton, Colchester Co

Judge Gerald Hunter, Sidney Baillie and Melanie Ross

2016 Nova Scotia 4-H show

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