2013 4-H Industry involvement

alberta 4-H

​Thank you for your support at the 2013 Summer Synergy and Provincial Sheep Show.

quebec provincial rally

Quebec 4-H recently wrapped up its biggest event of the year, its annual Provincial Rally. Quebec 4-H would like to thank you for your support of rural youth in this province.

Suffolk Sheep

  1. Jason Lockwood, Richmond 4-H, Mastine Lady
  2. Callum Mastine, Richmond 4-H, Maple Star 87778A
  3. Tiffany Nelson, Richmond 4-H, Maple Meadows 32A
  4. Meaghan Rivett, Sawyerville 4-H, Mastine Cuddles 8A

Canadian Arcott Sheep

  1. Jasmin Tétreault, Hatley 4-H, Apple Ridge Amarillo

Grade Sheep

  1. Hannah Dougherty, Sawyerville 4-H, Oreo
  2. Mason Kirby, Sawyerville 4-H, Jumpy

Champion Interbreed Sheep: Jason Lockwood, Richmond 4-H, Mastine Lady (sponsored by Canadian Sheep Breeders Association) 
Reserve Champion Interbreed Sheep: Callum Mastine, Richmond 4-H, Maple Star 87778A (sponsored by société des eleveurs de moutons de race pur du Québec)

saskatoon prairieland park junior ag showcase

Ram Lamb

1st Nathan Langley- Guysborough Co.
2nd Bryce Keddy- Lunenburg Co.
3rd Julie Morash- Hants Co.
4th Allison Booth- Cumberland Co.
5th Brianna Sinclair- Guysborough Co.
Suffolk Ewe Lamb
1st Clint Keddy- Lunenburg Co.
2nd Claire Miner- Kings Co.
3rd Blaire Acker- Guysborough Co.
4th Maddie Dort- Guysborough Co.
5th Keegan Hiltz- Kings Co.
NCC Ewe Lamb
1st Victoria Brydon- Kings Co.
2nd Parker MacIsaac- Guysborough Co.
3rd Naomi McKay- Lunenburg Co.
4th Cole Acker- Guysborough Co.
5th Tessa Leonard- Kings Co.
Dorset Ewe Lamb
1st Tamara Snook- Cumberland Co.
2nd Allyson Evans- Annapolis Co.
3rd Katie Spence- Hants Co.
4th Kalley Scotland- Pictou Co.
5th Melanie Ross- Hants Co.
Ewe Lamb Other Purebred
1st Jonah Hiltz- Kings Co.
2nd Jayme Gosbee- Shelburne Co.
3rd Rebecca Corkum- Hants Co.
4th Luke Ettinger- Hants Co.
5th Noah Bush- Colchester Co.
Ewe Lamb Other Crossbred
1st Jessica Lloyd- Hants Co.
2nd Faith Jollymore- Lunenburg Co.
3rd Mackenzie West- Kings Co.
4th Anna Fullerton- Colchester Co.
5th Kristen Foster-Annapolis Co.
Market Lamb
1st Brittany Brydon- Kings Co.
2nd Brianna Sinclair- Guysborough Co.
3rd Kelsey Brydon- Kings Co.
4th Mahala Brydon- Kings Co.
5th Victoria Brydon- Kings Co.

​Sheep Showmanship
1st Rebecca Corkum- Hants Co.
2nd Allyson Evans- Annapolis Co.
3rd Naomi McKay- Lunenburg Co.
4th Kaitlyn Flemming- Colchester Co.
5th Nicole Booth- Cumberland Co.
1st Hunter Pemberton- Pictou Co.
2nd Nathan Langley- Guysborough Co.
3rd Elizabeth Heighton- Pictou Co.
4th Haley McRae- Cumberland Co.
5th Karlee Saulnier- Kings Co.
Sheep Judging
1st Blaire Acker- Guysborough Co.
2nd Meghan Martin- Shelburne Co.
3rd Katie Dauphinee- Lunenburg Co.
4th Nicole Booth- Cumberland Co.
5th Keegan Hiltz- Kings Co.
1st Callie MacDonald- Cape Breton Co.
2nd Nathan Langley- Guysborough Co.
3rd Becky Foster- Annapolis Co. 
4th Katia Outerleys- Pictou Co.
5th Sohpie Symonds- Richmond Co.
Sheep Clipping, Fitting and Showmanship Competition
1st Emily Sutherland and Katia Outerleys- Pictou Co.
2nd Julie Morash and Rebecca Corkum- Hants Co.
3rd Madeline Visser and Mackenzie West- Kings Co.
4th Kirsten Foster and Becky Foster- Annapolis Co.
5th Caelan Fergus and Noah Bush- Colchester Co.
Wool Competition
1st Emily Prescott- Colchester Co.
2nd Fiona MacKenzie- Pictou Co.
3rd Ainslie Campbell- Pictou Co.
4th Mikalla Dorey- Kings Co.
5th Connor Fullerton- Colchester Co.
1st Olivia Haight- Digby Co.
2nd- Cassie O’Brien- Hants Co.
3rd Rachel Graham- Pictou Co.
4th Emily Riding- Lunenburg Co.
5th Cecelia McLaughlin- Colchester Co.

the annual nova scotia 4-h show

The Annual Nova Scotia 4-H Show was held in Bridgewater September 27-29, 2013. It took place at the outside show arena on the South Shore Exhibition grounds where we were greeted with a weekend of sunshine and warm weather. Judge Matthew Crouse of Wittenburgh, had his hands full with classes containing up to 25 lambs. There were 111 4-H participants and 94 lambs from 15 of the 18 counties in NS in 11 sheep events.

annual 4-h new brunswick show

Pei 4-H fitting and showmanship clinic

Royal canadian winter fair - TD Junior sheep show

The 2013 Jr. Sheep Show at The Royal was a huge success. The CSBA received a great deal of exposure, as we had the highest number of entries from the past 5 years. We hope to continue this trend into 2014 and future years, as youth are truly the future of The Royal and Canadian agriculture. This year, our open show judge (Blair Dow) brought his son (Travis Dow) along, from Alberta, to participate in the TD Jr. Sheep Show, where he ended up as Reserve Champion in the Junior age category. We hope that his experience may encourage other youth exhibitors from out west to make the trek to Ontario for The Royal in 2014. 

Each and every year, youth continue to be the shining stars of the Royal and are celebrated throughout the full 10 days through the support of sponsors. Your sponsorship of the 2013 TD Jr. Sheep show is very much appreciated by both The Royal and our youth exhibitors. The pizza lunch this year was a huge success, and we hope that we can continue this partnership into the future.​

Letter from Johanna Walker

Dear Nancy Mallinson,

I know myself I always looked forward to that time of year when I would have to pick out my 4-H ewe lamb. There were so many factors I had to remember when I was looking at the lambs, but even with all this in mind, often times, and the thing that separated my top two lambs was their attitude or how "cute" they were. I have been out of 4-H for a few years now, but every year I still relish in the joy that the 4-H youth get when they come and look at stock on our farm.

I was honored this year with the opportunity to offer one of my purebred stock to a young lady by the name of Brooke Webb. Brooke was the winner of the 2013 draw for funding, from the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association, towards the purchase of a purebred ewe lamb. Brooke belongs to the Agassiz Rainbow 4-H club, and has been in 4-H for 8 years (an active sheep club member for a number of those years). She had approached me just a month after the lambs were born, curious and eager to see what I had. Through a few farm visits and conversations, she set her heart on the lamb (born late February) seen in the picture attached this article. I have had the privilege of going to see the lamb at her new home a few times now, and have to admit I couldn't have been happier to see one of my flock at such a wonderful home.

I would like to thank, with all my heart, Brooke, for helping me find a loving home and family for one of my flock, and to the CSBA for supporting sheep 4-Hers in their pursuit of purebred stock.

Thanks again Johanna Walker

prairieland junior ag showcase 

​  ​ Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association

      La Société Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons

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