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The Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association is an organization of over 1000 breeders of purebred sheep across Canada, representing over 40 breeds of sheep. We are a democratic organization, operated by officers and directors elected by the membership. We are dedicated to working for the interests of sheep breeders across the country, whatever breed they may happen to represent. The members of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association are elected by and represent purebred sheep organizations in each province.​

​La Société Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons est une association de plus de 1000 éleveurs de moutons de race pure du Canada représentant plus de 40 races de moutons. Nous sommes dédiés à travailler pour les intérêts des éleveurs de moutons de race pure de tout le pays, peu importe la race qu’ils représentent. Les membres du conseil d’administration de la Société Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons sont élus par et représentent les associations de moutons de race pure de chaque province. 



​  ​ Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association

      La Société Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons

CSBA hires new General Manager / SCÉM engage une nouvelle directrice générale. Welcome to Jane Underhill

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All memberships, transfers and registrations should be directed to Melanie Overduin, our sheep registrar, at CLRC.

Call toll free 1-877-833-7110  ext 306
or visit​


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Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winners

1st Place goes to "Lambs in a Row" by Michelle Skakum for Elmshade Suffolks / Larry Mastine.
2nd Place goes to "Romney" by Nigel Fletcher for Apple Orchard Farm / Alan and Jennifer Fletcher.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the contest.



Interested in GenOvis Training? funding available for half (up to $1500) to have GenOvis Training offered in your province. Contact your provincial association!

Email the office if you have a provincial association event you would like posted here!


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